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                                Spearhead by Adam Makos
                                Paperback $20.00
                                May 19, 2020 | ISBN 9780804176743

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                                • May 19, 2020 | ISBN 9780804176743

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                                • Feb 19, 2019 | ISBN 9780804176729

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                                • Feb 19, 2019 | ISBN 9780804176736

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                                • CD $45.00

                                  Feb 19, 2019 | 810 Minutes

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                                • Feb 19, 2019 | 813 Minutes

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                                “A band of brothers in an American tank . . . Makos drops the reader back into the Pershing’s turret and dials up a battle scene to rival the peak moments of Fury. . . . A thoroughly enjoyable battle story, and a tribute to the everyman warrior.”
                                Jonathan W. Jordan, The Wall Street Journal

                                “A detailed, gripping account . . . the remarkable story of two tank crewmen, from opposite sides of the conflict, who endure the grisly nature of tank warfare.”
                                George Petras, USA Today (four out of four stars)

                                “This singular book is redolent with war. I cannot remember another narrative in which my abiding sensory experience was tasting grit and smelling smoke so often.”
                                —Philip Kopper, The Washington Times

                                “Engrossing . . . a war story and a mystery.”

                                “An amazing book.” 
                                —Fox News

                                “A superb book that combines a firsthand look at war with a story of healing.”
                                Sandra Dallas, The Denver Post
                                “Strong and dramatic . . . Makos established himself as a meticulous researcher who’s equally adept at spinning a good old-fashioned yarn. . . . For a World War II aficionado, it will read like a dream.”
                                Kim Curtis, Associated Press  

                                “This is narrative history at its best, told by a master storyteller.”
                                —Col. Cole Kingseed, Army magazine

                                “Well-written and fast-paced, Spearhead is the story of a band of brothers from the 3rd Armored and is highly recommended.”
                                American Rifleman magazine

                                “[A] dramatic, haunting true story.”
                                AARP The Magazine

                                “A compelling, exciting adventure . . . an in-the-moment re-creation of the Allied breakthrough of the West Wall into Nazi Germany by a remarkable cadre of tank crewmen of the 3rd Armored Division.”
                                —Kirkus Reviews

                                “An engaging story of blood, sweat and tears . . . a wonderful homage to the Greatest Generation.”
                                David Kindy, The Providence Journal

                                “The tension, death, and courage that were everyday experiences for American tankers fill the pages of Makos’s book. This moving story of bravery and comradeship is an important contribution to WWII history that will inform and fascinate both the general reader and the military historian.”
                                Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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